Who is who

— Brief description of the characters in this blog —


Chechu: First person I talked to when I started uni in 2005, we became friends almost immediately and have remained that way throughout the years.

Dechi: Initially my cinema buddy, she’s become one of my closest friends. We met at a failed attempt to start med-school in 2004 and found out we had attended the same school at different times (though we did share break-time for a month, without knowing it!). This year we’ve shared lots of stuff together, as you can read in the blog (damn, her name is the largest tag on the blog!).

Emilse: My friend and study-buddy. He is my logical and moral compass. We also do our clinical training at the same hospital, so I get to see him every weekday. Chechu and Emilse are my group of friends from uni.

Euri: A dear friend I met at Waterford Kamhlaba. He’s one of the people I’ve had the deepest chats with, we used to spend endless hours at each other’s rooms, talking about life and humanity. We still do that from time to time, only that we do it over skype or msn, since he’s become a world-trotter.

Linkie: Named Felix by his parents, this beautiful person was born on the same day as me, but a year before. We met in Swaziland, while attending Waterford Kamhlaba. Traveled together, laughed and cried together… Now we live very far apart, but our friendship endured the distances.

Romi: We met in 2001, at the selection process for the UWC scholarships. Life sent us to different corners of the world (she went to India and I went to Swaziland), but now we’re both back in Argentina, studying medicine. She lives in Mendoza and I only get to see her a couple of times a year.

Tef: Classmate from high-school. We only saw each other a few times since I left to WK, but now we’ve been reunited through a dog rescue (Loppe‘s story) she made me part of.

(to be continued)


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