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Season’s GREENtings

In a previous post I mentioned my enthusiasm for greeting cards. I said I had stopped buying paper-cards and had moved to e-cards and making my own. The reasons behind this shift had little to do with me being an ecologist, which I happen to be (a very imperfect one, but I’m trying to improve!). Yet I was, unknowingly, putting my little grain of sand to help the planet, since I’ve recently discovered that e-cards are environmentally friendly.

So, these holidays I am inviting you to send e-cards too. has a comprehensive post on why sending e-cards is a greener option. Just to give you an example, Creative Citizen estimates you’ll save 2.3 kg of waste, 454 kgs of emissions and 1,000 kilowatt hours if you forgo sending 50 cards or invites in a year.

Even if you don’t send that many, remember these things add up!!

And to give you an extra incentive to go green and e-card your friends these holidays, I’ll tell you about care2‘s e-card service. They not only provide a way for you to save on your carbon footprint, but they also donate money to save a square foot of rainforest for every e-card you send.

Season’s Gree(n)tings to you all!