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Unfortunate event # 8

Finding out that one of your posts appears as a “related video” linked to some media against abortion.

:-0  WTF?!?!

Google, seriously, the method used to suggest such “related” information needs to be reviewed… seriously. Seriously. I mean, it-s not even a video, for crying out loud!


I was pretty surprised as, lately, my blog was getting an abnormally high number of visits, and “Early St. Valentine’s” appeared as a top post (check side bar! –>). Luckily, has a nice stats service that tells if the visits were referred by another webpage, and I found that a large percentage of the referrals came from this link.

"Related video"... really?!


Unfortunate event #5 – reloaded

(originally published on April 15th, 2009)

Being “pissed by an elephant”

that’s what we say in Argentina when many things go wrong at the same time… I’m sure you can think of one such situation from your own personal experience, so I leave this space blank for you to fill in… (use the comment section if you feel like it!)

Pissed by an elephant

Unfortunate event #7

Having a massive, 200kg archive fall on you while you are filing clinical histories.

Accident at work

Al que madruga Dios lo ayuda* (Unfortunate event # 4)

… or so they say.

I woke up this morning at 7:34. I had planned to wake up at 10, since I had been studying until 5:30 in the morning and felt I should preserve my energies for the coming exam this Tuesday.

I almost forgot setting up Khiya’s food. She is very demanding when it comes to food, and ignoring her demands can bring upon serious retaliation (eg: she has eaten important class notes, thrown valuable objects off my desk, pissed on my clothes or backpack). Yes, I know you are asking yourself how I can tolerate this cat, and there’s a two part answer to that: first, I love her, and second, the pissing on my stuff is really rare (else the love would be seriously challenged, yes).

So back to the story, it was 4:30 and I was already tucked in bed when I realized I hadn’t left food ready for Khiya’s 6am meal (yes, I’ve tried training her on a different schedule and no, it didn’t work). I forced myself out of the comfort of my mattress and poured a handful of those precious brown square-bites that preserve diplomatic relations between my pet and I. I realized that her water bowl was empty, so I filled it up, closed the door, turned the lights off, and went to bed. I doubted for a minute if I should leave the door open, because she usually makes a scandal at around 8:00 to go and sleep on a chair at the living room. I figured I’d just wake up and open the door, as I always do… 8:00 was an OK time.

Khiya walked along the bed looking for her sleeping spot for the night, and decided to rest on my pillow. She spread apart and looked terribly cute. She never sleeps so close to my face (usually by my chest or feet). I had almost no space left to rest my head, but I didn’t mind. She looked cute and was quiet, I chose to keep the status quo.

I couldn’t sleep. I had a sense of extreme, desperate fear about tuesday’s exam mixed with thoughts about my future, which usually keep me awake for a couple of minutes-hours a night. The problem was that it was already late and I was so stressed about the exam that I couldn’t afford to use the time if it wasn’t for either sleeping or studying. What to do, then? Answer is pretty simple: study. So I picked up my book from the desk, and read until 5:30, when the concepts I was learning started mixing up with images of guerrilla soldiers (mhmm, yeah, I’ve been reading Che Guevara’s writings on guerrilla warfare…) and I figured the sleep was kicking in. Khiya was still resting peacefully on my pillow. I gave in to dreams of a fair world…

I woke up to a sound I had heard before in my life. Terror, was Khiya pissing on my clothes again?! I was so tired that I would have probably let her do so, had I not started feeling the awful smell of cat piss… Before my body could grasp my dreaming soul and bring it back to consciousness, I felt a hot rush down my face and neck…

All I could think about was those who have ever been pissed on as a form of torture or bullying. Of course, my situation doesn’t compare. My life is unfairly comfortable, yet I couldn’t forsee my pet’s needs. All I had to do was leave the door open.

*Spanish idiom. Translation: “God helps the one who gets up early”, but could be equalled to the English idiom: “Early bird gets the worm”.

Unfortunate event #3 *the food catapult*

This happened to me the day before yesterday… I was partly guilty, for I was on the phone while eating caneloni… not a good combination!

Unfortunate event #2

I didn’t think it was possible until it happened to me this morning, when the lid closed spontaneously while I was reading the back label (I should follow my own advice and stop trusting labels!!)

Ironically enough, I didn’t make it to the part where it says what to do should the shampoo come into contact with the eyes…

Unfortunate event #1

Stepping on a loose paving stone after it has rained.