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Happy ending for Loppe

As of yesterday, Loppe is at a new home with a loving owner, a cat and a dog to keep her company, and a huge garden to play!

Loppe, Tef and I

(This is Loppe, Tef and I in front of Loppe’s new home… The trip there was quite an adventure!)

Unusual weekend

Last Thursday night I got an email from Tef, a friend from high school with whom we’ve been meaning to meet up but always found a silly excuse not to… Her email asked for someone who could drive her and a stray dog she had found to a city some 50km away where the dog’s adoptive family lives.
I guess that by now you know that I have a strong tendency to get involved in animal rescues (ok, fine, I promised posts on the topic that I never got around to write, but you believe me, don’t you?) So you won’t be surprised to hear that ir replied immediately, offering myself for the job ;)
I picked Tef up on Saturday and we drove together to the “pet motel” where the doggy was staying to gain some weight and be taken to the vet to get vaccines and so on.
Little did the dog that came out of the motel look like the one she had left a month before. No, she didn’t look better, unfortunately; she looked much worse. She was as skinny as she could be, mildly dehydrated and she could barely walk. It was a sad, tremendously sad scene to watch. On top of that, the dog is 14 years old, so she looked like she was back from the dead, to say it smoothly… Tef was told the dog hadn’t eaten for the last 6 days.. But why did they not tell her when she phoned days before, it’s a mystery to us… Most probable scenario is that they couldn’t bother to feed her, even though they were charging Tef for boarding and meals…

We took her to a vet close to where we picked her up and she told us that the dog was malnourished and dehydrated. She inserted a catheter in the dogs leg and started her on IV fluids, amino-acids, glucose and antibiotics. I wish I could tell you that things were alright from then onwards… But as the catheter was going inside the vein, Tef felt a bit dizzy, and two seconds later she fell to the floor like dead weight… So in less than an hour I found myself in charge of a stray dog and a hipotense human ;)
I couldn’t stop thinking that the quick 50km drive had turned into a day long trip to the land of trouble. Luckily my parents are out of the country, else I would still be listening to them giving me the pep talk on how I always get involved in things I shouldn’t. Hmmm, it’s somehow true… But do things manage to go wrong so often? Why, again, couldn’t it just be an easy 50km drive that I could consider my good deed of the month?
We left the vet’s at around 9pm, and no one around could look after the dog for us… We couldn’t take her to her home I that condition either, especially because she needed to continue under treatment.
We phoned everyone Tef knew, until the situation became rather hopeless.
Finally, I called my uncle and he, as it couldn’t be otherwise, opened his doors to the dog and to me, so that I could look after her until she’s fit to be adopted… He’s an angel.
So that’s the story… The dog and I have been together at my uncle’s since Saturday, and in only two days she has improved so much one would have to see it to believe it… So help yourself to these pictures, and see what love can do (pictures are- I hope- in chronological order):