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Unfortunate event # 8

Finding out that one of your posts appears as a “related video” linked to some media against abortion.

:-0  WTF?!?!

Google, seriously, the method used to suggest such “related” information needs to be reviewed… seriously. Seriously. I mean, it-s not even a video, for crying out loud!


I was pretty surprised as, lately, my blog was getting an abnormally high number of visits, and “Early St. Valentine’s” appeared as a top post (check side bar! –>). Luckily, has a nice stats service that tells if the visits were referred by another webpage, and I found that a large percentage of the referrals came from this link.

"Related video"... really?!


Swine flu

Yeah, everyone was talking about it… some weeks ago. Just as I have a particular prejudice against best-sellers, it seems I also have a prejudice against “vogue” blogging topics. 

So I’m writing about it now, when a huge load of the fuzz is already gone, even though new cases continue to be identified and the risk is probably as high as before… anyway, I personally believe the issue was badly exploited by the media and the pharma industry; the public was given incomplete and frightening information, creating an unrealistic fear of a global health crisis…

Anyway, I don’t want to get into a debate over this. I just wanted to confirm that yes, work during those days was crazy because anyone who sneezed had to be isolated in order to prevent all the other sick-but-not-with-swine-flu patients from freaking out. Masks were sold in massive quantities by pharmacies, even those that wouldn’t work against the virus… The worst was to see how some would abuse the little understanding that elder people had about the disease and their risk, and would just convince them to spend their whole pension on useless artifacts to prevent a deadly granny-eating virus… ayy… 

Anyway, in the spirit of showing a big smile at the hard times, let me share with you this funny illustration:

Piglet- swine flu

Unfortunate event #7

Having a massive, 200kg archive fall on you while you are filing clinical histories.

Accident at work

Unfortunate event #6

Waking up late for work

(not for him, anyway…)

Hilarious (and I can’t even understand what they say!)


Oh well, I found this video posted at a friend’s blog. It shows the original Bud advert and a follow-up 7 years later… beware, it’s political propaganda (yet funny)

Existential (unsubstantial) questions

I’ve been thinking about this whole global warming issue and about all the attempted measures deviced to fight it, which are now thought to be more of a problem than a solution (ie: hybrid cars)

And I wonder…

Is it all to do with the atmosphere? Can’t it be maybe that the Sun is hotter? Or that the Earth is getting closer to the Sun? Or that the Earth’s axis is tilting too much? (why is it colder in some places and hotter in others?)

I know, ignorance is my middle name ;) I hope that you laughed a bit, at least ;)

Really? Really!

So, yeah… i thought that a good purpose for this blog would be to share the little unusual things that have been happening to me lately… maybe not extremely often, but often enough for me to feel that they are happening unusually often… that was an untidy thought back there…

anyways… here goes one

Dechi (get used to this name, u’ll read about her often) connected to messenger some 10 minutes ago and asked me whatever happened to the haiku blog i had started last march (yes, as i conveniently confessed in the previous post, i attempted to keep a blog several times before… the haiku blog was the last of the failed attempts). strange thing, i created this blog only around an hour before she asked me, and i would have probably kept it a secret had she not asked me about the haiku fiasco (indeed, i didn’t want to jinx this new blog until i had enough reasons to believe it would survive the test of time)

anyways… maybe it doesn’t sound like such an unusual thing, but it feels weird enough for both of us, so i thought it would be a good excuse to post for the second time… anyways, don’t get too excited, i usually only spend some 99% of my free time online, so i might not find enough time to post too often ;)

oh, about Dechi, i’ll soon write about how we know each other.. it’s an interesting story.