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Duckling- NOT Chick

I know that I am posting about restaurants a bit too often lately… uhm… well, I have been eating out more often lately, maybe that’s why ;)
Today I met Dechi for lunch and we had lunch at the same restaurant as before… well, it’s not exactly the same, it’s the same owner but a different branch… The menu is pretty much the same though, and, of course, there’s the crayons…

Well, I can’t complain. Today’s food was delicious and the service was even better. The lady who waited our table was really patient and friendly… our order didn’t get lost in translation, and we even got a second round of “pan de campo”(some kind of home-made bread…)!! So, yeah.. NO Pesos de Paciencia today, and a good (and well deserved) tip :)

Today’s drawing was a bit limited due to the scarcity of crayon and colours. This is what I came up with… A little duckling (patito), who was mistaken for a chick (pollito) by Dechi. Below you can see a portion of the conversation between Patito and D.

Patito:- I’m Patito
D: – It looks like a pollito!
P: – I am NOT pollito
D: – Ah! it looks like a pollito…
P: – I don’t care

I know, disrespectful little creature… today’s youth is out of control!!


Scribbling at the dinner table

There’s this restaurant that I’ve been to with Dechi a couple of times. We like it because it’s good food, at a very reasonable price, and because… well, because they cover the tables in paper and give you crayons to play around while you wait for the food.

Usually, the food doesn’t take too long to arrive and so your table has very relaxed drawings that can easily be forgotten when the wonderful flavours of your order flood your senses (yes, the food is THAT good)… and by now you might be asking yourself, what is this restaurant, lau?? are you going to say the name?!?!?!
and the answer is… well, NO. first of all, because I am not interested in making any kind of publicity in my blog, and second, because what happened the last two times doesn’t amerit a recommendation…

The previous time, we made our order some 8 minutes after sitting down, and 40 minutes later (way overdue!) the waitress comes to our table and asks “what was your order again? coz i think the kitchen forgot to prepare it”… perfect, another 20 minutes later, the place being almost empty, we got our food… fine, no hard feelings.

So we went back tonight. We went really early, there were probably 5 tables taken out of some 50 (?) total. The waitress sat us down and basically ignored us for 30 minutes. Everyone who arrived after us had ordered or was already eating when we realized we had been totally forgotten (yes, it was the crayon’s fault that we didn’t realize sooner!) and we started making signs to the girl, who know seemed to ignore us purposely… we finally got ahold of a guy, who was not supposed to wait our table but agreed to bring us something to drink in the meantime. After some minutes he realized that we’d sit there all night if he didn’t take our order, so he finally did. After that, the food took notably longer than usual to arrive, and when we ordered the bill, they forgot to bring it to us…

So, yeah, it was sort of a crappy service. Not that I love criticizing… I like it, but I don’t loooove it. Anyways, so by the time we had paid and we would leave a tip as is custom, I came up with an idea for those times when you want to supply some constructive criticism without making a big fuss over the bad service…. but I guess I’ll have to wait until the next post to tell you about it.

For now, I’ll let you enjoy some of the drawings that came out thanks to our food-frustration…