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Unconditional love

Because they make our lives so much better, and because they teach us a lesson about love every day… this post goes to all non-human animals!

Happy animal’s day!



Happy ending for Loppe

As of yesterday, Loppe is at a new home with a loving owner, a cat and a dog to keep her company, and a huge garden to play!

Loppe, Tef and I

(This is Loppe, Tef and I in front of Loppe’s new home… The trip there was quite an adventure!)

Unusual weekend

Last Thursday night I got an email from Tef, a friend from high school with whom we’ve been meaning to meet up but always found a silly excuse not to… Her email asked for someone who could drive her and a stray dog she had found to a city some 50km away where the dog’s adoptive family lives.
I guess that by now you know that I have a strong tendency to get involved in animal rescues (ok, fine, I promised posts on the topic that I never got around to write, but you believe me, don’t you?) So you won’t be surprised to hear that ir replied immediately, offering myself for the job ;)
I picked Tef up on Saturday and we drove together to the “pet motel” where the doggy was staying to gain some weight and be taken to the vet to get vaccines and so on.
Little did the dog that came out of the motel look like the one she had left a month before. No, she didn’t look better, unfortunately; she looked much worse. She was as skinny as she could be, mildly dehydrated and she could barely walk. It was a sad, tremendously sad scene to watch. On top of that, the dog is 14 years old, so she looked like she was back from the dead, to say it smoothly… Tef was told the dog hadn’t eaten for the last 6 days.. But why did they not tell her when she phoned days before, it’s a mystery to us… Most probable scenario is that they couldn’t bother to feed her, even though they were charging Tef for boarding and meals…

We took her to a vet close to where we picked her up and she told us that the dog was malnourished and dehydrated. She inserted a catheter in the dogs leg and started her on IV fluids, amino-acids, glucose and antibiotics. I wish I could tell you that things were alright from then onwards… But as the catheter was going inside the vein, Tef felt a bit dizzy, and two seconds later she fell to the floor like dead weight… So in less than an hour I found myself in charge of a stray dog and a hipotense human ;)
I couldn’t stop thinking that the quick 50km drive had turned into a day long trip to the land of trouble. Luckily my parents are out of the country, else I would still be listening to them giving me the pep talk on how I always get involved in things I shouldn’t. Hmmm, it’s somehow true… But do things manage to go wrong so often? Why, again, couldn’t it just be an easy 50km drive that I could consider my good deed of the month?
We left the vet’s at around 9pm, and no one around could look after the dog for us… We couldn’t take her to her home I that condition either, especially because she needed to continue under treatment.
We phoned everyone Tef knew, until the situation became rather hopeless.
Finally, I called my uncle and he, as it couldn’t be otherwise, opened his doors to the dog and to me, so that I could look after her until she’s fit to be adopted… He’s an angel.
So that’s the story… The dog and I have been together at my uncle’s since Saturday, and in only two days she has improved so much one would have to see it to believe it… So help yourself to these pictures, and see what love can do (pictures are- I hope- in chronological order):

Two birds with one shot

Not really… I just wanted to put another idiom for the second Khiya-bird encounter in the year.

Fortunately, this one also had a happy ending (for the bird). I am afraid Khiya might be a bit bitter at me after this episode, though…

My mom and I left the birdy at the tree where it fell from. My mom did some really funny moves (like hugging the tree), but finally managed to climb high enough, and I handed the birdy to her. She then left it on a nice, comfy branch. We’ll check tomorrow if there’s any hint on the birdy’s fate.

Animal rescue // Teddy

Last year, around mid-november, as I was juggling between studying for my exams and preparing for a summer holiday in the snow (trip to the Northern hemisphere), I found a little dog. I realized today that I didn’t remember the whole story properly, but luckily I wrote to some friends about it last year, so I thought that the best way to tell this story was to share that email (with some changes in order to preserve my friends’ privacy, of course). Below you’ll find what I wrote the day after the event…

Dear friends,

Yesterday, as I was walking to a shop to check out some warm clothes (I’m getting ready for the snow!!!!!!!! hehhe) I passed by the german embassy; a place that I am very fond of. It is a huge, beautiful house with a forest-like park… I always walk by and imagine that I live there, I look at all the trees and plants and get a lot of peace…

So this time, as I was looking through the fence (very wide open fence, not like I was sneak-peaking in a suspicious manner or anything…) anyway, so I was looking, and I suddenly see a guy throwing something white inside. I thought to myself, how stupid of an embassy to have such an open space, anyone could drop a bomb and never be caught… Then I saw that he was doing something with his hands, like pushing the thing or trying to get loose of it. So, even though there was a chance that he had, indeed, dropped a bomb (hehe), I felt curious enough to check what it was… as he went away, I saw the white thing moving, so I relaxed a bit and assumed that it was a stray cat and that the guy had been feeding him, but I still went there to check (curiosity killed the cat, right?). And as I approached (guy was some 30mts away already) I looked through the fence and saw this white thing jumping, until it jumped and landed on a platform at the bottom of the fence, made out of concrete (check the picture… it landed on the “X”)Puppy rescue

IT WAS A PUPPY!!! a beautiful, black and white puppy!!! The thing is, the place where he had landed was inclined, and he was quickly sliding down and he would have fallen some 1.2mts had I not picked him up on time. At that moment, I was shocked. I looked at the guy who was some 50-60 mts away by then and I just couldn’t understand how someone would abandon a puppy in such an irresponsible manner… there was a couple passing by and I looked at them with this silent gasp, to which they replied that I should keep him… I obviously couldn’t keep him because my parents would have killed me…

Instead, i decided to find him a family (by then I had totally forgotten that I had tons of studying to do). Sooner than later, preferably, for my dad would not let me go inside the house with a puppy (a similar event had taken place the previous year, and the puppy got a definite NO).

So I started walking around, and I meet many people who would approach me to tell me how beautiful he was. I met this man who had a brown boxer. He helped me ask people whether they wanted a puppy or not. We talked a lot, he told me he had lost a son and that from then on he had devoted his love to his dogs. He was a very interesting, somewhat extravagant, man… Later I met a couple more people: two women who had just picked up their kids from school and had inner debates about whether they should adopt the puppy or not (I could tell from their frowns and they eyes fixed at the horizon), then a woman with her mother who almost took him but then said she had recently lost two poodles and was scared that there’d be something in her house that was causing the misterioys deaths, then a middle-aged couple who had had one dog who had been the love of their lives and couldn’t stand the idea of replacing her… and so on.

Finally, I ended up at a veterinary clinic. My intention was to ask if they knew someone who would like to adopt him, or if they had some sort of adoption programme… luckily for me (and the puppy, actually) the vet fell in love with the him as soon as he saw him, and was determined to help me find a home for the little creature. We talked for a while, and then one of his friends came in. I offered the dog to him, but it turned out that he had picked up some 4 dogs already, so he couldn’t have any more dogs… but as we spoke about our love for animals, we heard the vet saying that his children would probably love the puppy, and that he and his wife had been thinking of getting one, etc etc… so he told me that if only he could make sure that he could handle traveling by car, he would adopt him. He also said he had no car today, and asked if i could keep him overnight, but i couldn’t, so I offered to pay a taxi or take him myself… In the end, we settled that i would take the puppy for a car ride and if he didn’t puke the vet would take him home somehow, at his own expense… so he gave the puppy a bath (thank god!! he was dirty and full of fleas!!!) and puppy and I went home to get the car.

On the way home, i met this guy who stopped to look at puppy, so i offered to give it to him (I mean, the vet thing wasn’t sure… what if he puked?) and he said he couldn’t, but that he’d post a picture on his blog and see if someone wanted him (he took the following pic, which turned out to be my only memory of the little dog).

Teddy when I found him (3 months)

Before i went home we exchanged phone numbers in case one of us had good news for the puppy.

I got home, hopped on the car and drove around a bit… I zig-zagged a bit, did some sudden breaking and speeding (nothing crazy, uh!) and the puppy behaved like a prince. He was super quiet, didn’t cry at all and slept during most of the ride….

By the time we parked in front of the vet’s, he had phoned his wife and arranged for puppy and him to be picked up by her. Puppy was sleeping on the passenger seat so I asked the vet to come check for himself how well he had handled the car adventure. The smile on the vet’s face was priceless. He ran out to meet us with open arms, grabbed the dog and said good-bye.

I drove away, certain that the puppy would have a great life.


Today, as I was coming back from hospital with the bus, I decided to get off earlier and pass by the vet’s. I knocked on the door, and a woman opened, I assumed she was the vet’s wife.

I told her that I had found a dog last year and that as far as I knew it had become “their” dog. She smiled, turned around and cried “Teddy! come here!”.

From behind the counter, a beautiful and lively dog emerged. His face is still the same, I recognized him immediately… I wonder if he recognized me. He approached me, and when at a distance close enough, he laid on his back and showed me his tummy… He is such a character!!

I spent some minutes playing with Teddy, petting him, hugging him. They told me how they had taken him on holidays to Esquel, a 22hr-long car-drive (that’s why the car-proofing was so important, they wanted to take him on holidays with them!). They showed me pictures of a happy dog swimming in a lake, surrounded by a loving family. They told me anecdotes and asked me to feel free to visit him anytime, as he now is always at the clinic while they work.

This family gave Puppy (now Teddy) a home and a good life (and free veterinary coverage, hehe). They made my day a year ago, and they made my day again today. I can’t thank them enough.

Here is Teddy today, a bit more than a year old. The picture is not great coz he kept moving, and I had no flash :)

Teddy is the second last animal I rescued, but I thought of writing about him before the rest because I happened to visit him today… and because he’s special, of course! heh..

Teddy today (1y 3m old)

Animal rescue // *Intro*

I sort of announced this post (or series of posts) in the previous one.

I am an animal lover. I’ve been one for as long as I can recall. At some point I thought of becoming a veterinary doctor, but I couldn’t really deal with all the suffering and the language gap, so I decided to become a doctor for those animals whose language I could either speak or potentially learn to speak…

I cannot ignore a call for help. This has resulted in me being involved in a series of animal rescues throughout the years. Most of them are really minor and won’t impress you, but since every one of those animals has marked my life in one way or the other, I figured I might pay them a little tribute in this blog.

Into the wild, a post not strictly for the birds

It’s 2:10 am

I’ve been sick since Tuesday night, with a flu. Yeah, no big deal… I tend to tell myself the same thing, but then every cell in my body burns at 38 degrees Celsius and all my joints hurt, and I change my mind: it’s a pain in the ass. Being sick sucks…

I’ve spent a large percentage of these days sleeping, trying to rest and feel better. Today, after more than 20hs of accumulated sleep since Tuesday (a lot for me!) I decided to watch a movie, since I couldn’t read or study anything. I watched “Into the wild”, a movie by Sean Penn that’s certainly worth watching. It is a beautiful movie and it’s very, very well made. I’m not instructed on film criticism, so that’s as much as I can say… Anyways, this doesn’t intend to be a review… I just brought up the issue for two reasons: first, the main character’s philosophy is a very refreshing one and second, because a series of interesting authors are mentioned in the film, including Jack London.

I remembered reading “The call of the wild” some years ago, and how it struck me… I thought about my own dreams of adventure, of freedom, maybe?


Something like an hour ago, as I came out of the shower, Khiya started begging to go out into the balcony. She was pretty determined and, since I love it when she’s got her mind set to something, I quickly opened the window and let her out. I heard some weird noises outside, and thought that she’d probably be chasing some moth or another type of winged insect… I was half wrong. She was chasing a winged animal, but it was a slightly larger one. Less than a minute after going out, Khiya returned triumphantly, holding a ball of feathers in her mouth. She was excited and moved swiftly. For a second, the prey got lose and attempted to escape, but Khiya quickly caught it again. It was the first time in 4.5 years of apartment life that she had caught something; Her instincts remain intact, I thought, while the image of Buck came to my mind for a millisecond…

First, I was paralized. I squealed some words… I don’t know whether I thought that I could talk Khiya into not killing the poor bird, or I was just cursing the moment out loud in case some bigger force would mysteriously make it go away… But the wild scene was still unfolding, and I felt the need to intervene. I caught Khiya and made her drop the bird, who quickly hid in a corner of the room. I held Khiya, who was acting fiercely and fighting desperately to get loose, while putting on some clothes; a funny/ridiculous scene to watch (thank god no one was watching!) but I was not gonna take that bird anywhere in my towel! After I had my pijamas on, I put Khiya in the balcony again and shut the window (I know, why didn’t I do that first, instead of trying to get dressed while holding an anxious cat?)

So the cat side was dealt with. I was now to see what to do with the birdy. At that point, I heard my dad asking what was going on. I grabbed the bird and checked if it was hurt. Not a single scratch, luckily! But what would I do with her? (I assumed it’s a girl). I wasn’t sure if she could fly, maybe she was too young, or maybe she was sick, but how could I find out at 2am? I thought of putting her in a box until the next morning, when I could take her to the vet and figure out how to help her best. I immediately imagined my parents’ reaction; they are really afraid of my compulsive animal-rescuing behaviour (more on this soon). And what would I do with Khiya, if she was ever to forgive my betrayal?

I went to the patio with the bird wrapped in a t-shirt (who knows if I’d pick up some disease and spread it around at the hospital?). I could find no box to put her in for the night… My mom appeared in all her midnight splendor (ie: she looked miserable) and the bird flew out of my hands, and hid behind some shelves. I spent some time trying to catch her back; the poor thing just looked like she wanted to get some sleep (not my mom, the bird… actually, so did my mom).

After climbing, crawling, tiptoeing and so on, I managed to catch the bird again, and decided that I would leave her in the balcony and made sure all windows stayed closed so that Khiya couldn’t get to her (of course, I let Khiya inside the house again first). She’d be safe there, since there’s a net for child protection, so she wouldn’t “fall”, she could only get away if she flew higher than the net… It looked like a good idea. Except that the bird didn’t feel like leaving my finger anymore (oh, right… by then I’d forgotten I had once been worried about becoming a vector of a zoonosis). I held my hand up for a while, so that the bird could choose between flying away of staying in the balcony. But she was either too comfortable on my hand, or she couldn’t make up her mind about what to do… concretely, my arm was starting to hurt from the being stretched up for so long, so I ended up leaving the bird in between some daisies I’ve planted some months ago (that would be the presidential suite, in bird terms). As soon as she was down on the flowerpot, she flew against the net but she couldn’t get through. Her attempt was so desperate that I figured she’d hurt herself if left alone all night. So I held her up a while longer, until she got the courage to fly away. She only flew a couple of meters though, and decided to spend the night at someone else’s window…

When I got back to my room, I found Khiya smelling every squared meter of it, trying to find a clue about the bird’s mysterious disappearance. She was puzzled and disappointed, but luckily she held no hard feelings against me. We never talked about this incident again…