..The Infinite Poem.. /Haiku#9/

If you are asking yourselves how it is that I am suddenly posting Haiku daily, let me just say that I wasn’t suddenly stricken by a flash of inspiration…

On the contrary, I am for some reason delaying the promised post on the meeting in Swaziland (probably because it’s been on my mind for more than a week and I just want a little break) and this is just a decoy… heheh

I wrote this Haiku around a year ago (any Astronomy fan can tell me when the last Moon eclipse was seen from the Southern Hemisphere?), when a broken heart found relief in the contemplation of the sky, and a confused mind found peace in the reading and writing of these minimal pieces of poetry. If you like them, I must give credit to my highly emotional state at that moment. If you don’t, well, I can blame it on my highly emotional state at that moment ;)

Moon Eclipse

Picture taken by Chechu

Haiku #9 – Moon Eclipse

Mirror of the sun.
Merciless shadows advanced
swallowing its gleam.


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